Trailer Parts: Basic Trailer Tire Guidelines You Must Know

A cargo trailer is like your friend in transportation. They are highly convenient, you can load thousands of pounds just in one go. But how does it bade with the trailer tires? Like any other part, tires are the rolling stones of trailers which mean that the mobility factor depends on the trailer tire quality. So rating the tire is a must, something you can’t ignore. Foremost, it is about the safety of the trailer and the driver and of course, the other drivers down the road too.

In case of a blowout of the single axle 6×12 cargo trailer can cause a sudden shift in weight mobility. It will increase the instability factor because of the (excessive) load that will trigger a rollover. To avoid such a harrowing experience you need to learn all about the trailer tires. This article will help you prepare the basic tire guidelines to ensure safe, reliable transport operations.

Learn All About Anvil Trailer tire Basic Characteristics 

What makes a trailer tire different from a regular vehicle tire?

The intended use makes all the difference. For instance, Volvo’s concern will be for durability, low noise, and a smooth transport operation with a good road performance. Usually, an automotive tire is used to carry heavy loads. It is not replaced in a short period. However, an Anvil Trailers is required to carry heavier loads than a regular vehicle. So, the trailer tire must have a 

  • High load-carrying capacity 
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Stability 
  • Longer life span 

So what are the preferred choices for the trailer tires?

On a go, the tire differences were designated by the Prefix ST (special trailer) as they are required to carry a 10% extra load than a P-metric (passenger vehicle) tire. 

So the trailer tire construction also varies in terms of the steel belts, pliers, beads, and other thicker cords with a larger diameter wire. Some Anvil trailers also use a narrower tread width but it also depends on the rolling resistance and the trailer dimension. 

But do remember, trailer tires contain rubber compounds which gives them much resistance power. Not long ago, trailer tires were bias-ply but now the manufacturers are consistent with the radial ST tires. The reason is simple:

  • Better handling 
  • Braking-traction characteristics
  • Improved tread wear 
  • Reduced rolling resistance 

But an ST tire is not your only choice, you can even use automotive light-truck radial tires to enhance the Douglas, GA Trailers quality. Also, make sure that your spare tire is of the same in design, size, and has a similar load rating as the original one. 

Common Anvil Cargo Trailer tire guidelines you must keep in mind 

  1. Weight and loading

The pressure weight is a game-changer. You need to understand the tire load rating before choosing the trailer tire. To ensure a safe ride and a longer tire life make a smart choice. 

Certain tire manufacturers like Goodyear and Michelin are focused on publishing the load/inflation tables that gave a clear indication about the tire and the inflation pressure it could carry. Which is why it is highly recommended to weigh your trailer before and after loading. 

  • Weigh from side to side 
  • Inflate the tires to the pressure of the heaviest load 
  • Ensure that inflation pressure of tires is the same on the same axle 
  1. Tire Numbers 

You need to be accustomed to the numbers molded on the trailer tire. The size, load rating, and the DOT number are the three major characteristics that indicate tire manufacturing. Take a look at the Douglas, GA trailers for sale and you will find the DOT number of the tire.

Also remember that unlike automotive tires, there’s no speed rating for trailer tires. An automotive tire can be H (130mph) or a V (149 mph) but a trailer tire does not pass through any speed rating. So if you pull a trailer faster without knowing whether the tires are inflated/loaded, it’s a lose-lose situation. 

Besides, if you want to tow a trailer, it’s not unwise to do so at a high speed. 

  1. Tire alignment and balancing 

If you see unusual wear and tear patterns on the trailer tire it can be due to the improper alignment.

It’s pretty common for a trailer to suffer from a poor alignment. For instance, a 4×6 enclosed cargo trailer for sale is loaded to full capacity but has a default in the frame manufacturer. Then it can cause a problem in finalizing a deal with the customer. Therefore in case of a worn or replaceable component, the first thing you need to check is;

  • Axle alignment 
  • Tire condition 
  • The inflation rate of the tire 

Roads are laced with potholes and speed breakers so if your trailer was to cross over a pothole with a loose axle then it will unbalance the trailer and the towing vehicle too. Even you might be able to feel the imbalance while driving. The faster your drive, the faster the shaking will become hence making tires more defective. 

  1. Tire maintenance 

In the situation, when the trailer is stationary, you need to plan a proper maintenance guide too;

  • Apply the recommended operating operation when the trailer is not in use. 
  • The storage surface must be firm, clean and reasonably leveled. 
  • In case, a trailer is not in use for a long time, move it around every three months to avoid ozone cracking in the tire (it causes the tire to flatten). 
  • Readjust the tire inflation when in use. 

If you place your trailer in an open shed then make sure tires are covered to avoid the direct sunlight and if stored indoors keep the trailer at a maximum distance from electric motors and ozone-generating devices. 

Point to Ponder

Anvil trailers for sales are exclusively available for shipping, domestic use, and even traveling. But when you do buy an enclosed cargo trailer make sure that you inspect the tires closely and keep healthy maintenance too.

It’s all about tire logistics!


In Douglas Georgia, you will find ample trailer manufacturers providing you excellent quality cargo trailers with extraordinary functioning tires.  Anvil Cargo Trailers is a prominent name in the locality. Enclosed cargo trailers for sale are easy to find now in your location. Do feel free to contact us to learn more about Anvil trailer quality.

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